Education Committee

The WFOA Education Committee’s mission is to provide professional and relevant training to our membership. This committee is made up of elected officials and public employees who have the responsibility for or are employed in any aspect of governmental finance.  The Committee is also open to Affiliate Members.

Watch this presentation to find out the benefits and what the committee does. WFOA Education Committee presentation

Professional Development and Sustainability Committee

The WFOA Professional Development and Sustainability Committee is dedicated to providing WFOA members with opportunities to further their professional development and to build a sustainable workforce in government finance through recruitment, internships, scholarships and recognition programs.

The WFOA Professional Development and Sustainability program includes active recruitment of college students for intern positions with our members entities and with the State Auditors Office; providing financial assistance for education and for intern programs;  and the recognition of outstanding Finance Professionals.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee is tasked with the responsibility of planning and facilitating the annual WFOA conference.  The conference is a 4 day event that occurs in September of each year.  The conference Committee with the direction of the WFOA President plans the location, the theme, the venue, the meals, and the entertainment.  During the conference the committee will handle all the logistics and run the registration.  It takes many people and different skills to plan this event successfully.  Please consider to volunteer!

Professional Rules and Operational Standards Committee

The purpose of the Professional Rules and Operational Standards (PROS) Committee is to provide WFOA members with information regarding changes in governmental accounting and auditing standards as well as updates on significant legislation and rules from various regulatory agencies. Additionally, the committee provides information on the resources available for implementation of adopted accounting and report standards and encourages participation in state and federal regulatory and legislative processes.

Member Communications/Scholarship Committee

The WFOA Member Communications Committee to solicit and welcome new members, to provide information regarding WFOA to public entities, to promote effective, consistent communication among prospective and current members.  It is the purpose of the WFOA Scholarship Committee to provide financial assistance to WFOA active members who may otherwise not have the financial resources, and to promote professional development for members in the government finance profession through the award of financial assistance for educational programs and conferences.

 If you would like to join any committee or board position here is an application: WFOA “Get Involved” Form  Fill it out and submit it to the President, Past-President or President-elect. (Board Directory)