Posting Date:  01/09/2019
Job Title:  Accounting Operations Supervisor – Auditor
Salary:  $5,786.00-$5,902.00/Month
Entity:  Benton County
Closing Date:  Continuous


This position is responsible for coordinating the daily activities affecting the County accounts payable program, including the supervision of payables staff, and regularly serves as liaison to other departments regarding payables matters.  Position shall be fully cross-trained and support the Payroll Operations Supervisor functions, as needed.  Further, position supports the Accounting Services Manager-Chief Accountant in the coordination and maintenance of the County’s general ledger, funds, and reporting functions, as directed.

Primary Duties

Plans, organizes, coordinates, and directs the operations of the County accounts payable program in conformance with federal, state, and local law, codes, and guidelines.

Responsible for editing, verifying, and distributing of warrants drawn in accordance with submitted vouchers following applicable laws.

Posts and balances all recurring entries to the general ledger for each fund operated by the County and reconciles control accounts with subsidiary ledgers; assists with year-end, closing, and special entries to the general ledger.

Assists in review of entries and documents to insure accurate recording, balancing, and classification of all income and expenditures to the proper accounts, in accordance with BARS and County procedures.

Reconcile and audit County funds, documenting discrepancies, and reporting on cash flow.

Assists in verifying and inputting changes to the Chart of Accounts and the Fund and Department Coding files.

Assists in preparation of the County monthly and annual financial reports, and preliminary budget.

Acts as liaison with other departments to coordinate activities, provide detailed information, and assists staff and officials involving accounts receivable, posting to subsidiary ledgers, voucher auditing, warrants and data input.

Reviews entries and documents to insure accurate recording, balancing, and classification of all income and expenditures to the proper accounts, in accordance with BARS and County Procedures and Resolutions.

Attends meetings, conferences, and seminars related to payables processing.

Assists the Accounting Services Manager-Chief Accountant in their role as the Audit Liaison with the State Auditor’s Office.

Researches, analyzes, and responds to legal and compliance issues affecting the processing of County payables program; oversees reporting and control methods and ensures compliance with mandated statutes.

Reviews, interprets, and monitors compliance with accounts payable policies and procedures; recommends policy changes to the Accounting Services Manager-Chief Accountant, Auditor, and Chief Deputy Auditor.

Responsible for ensuring compliance and financial audits of the payables data and systems.

Develops program work, operational procedures, and interprets standards for implementation by staff; and ensures compliance with federal and state statutes and rules that apply to accounts payable and provides instruction to others.

Assigns and reviews work of subordinates and prioritizes work schedules and projects.

Evaluates performance of subordinates and confers with Accounting Services Manager-Chief Accountant on recommendations regarding hiring, promotions, discipline, firing, and otherwise.  Responsible for developing and maintaining internal training programs for subordinates.  Recommends external training sessions, workshops, continuing education, and other training related activities.

Responsible for developing and maintaining training programs for other County departments relating to the payables program.

Confers with, advises, and represents the Auditor before governmental agencies on issues related to payables processing.

Plans, organizes, and conducts meetings, including (but not limited to) program staff meetings and interdepartmental business meetings.

Provides support, acts as an ongoing liaison with, and communicates information to other County departments, local, state and federal government officials, private organizations, and the public concerning payables functions.

Responds to complex inquiries from outlying agencies, the public, and other departments. Resolves complaints and problems affecting County payables procedures.

Develops, recommends, and implements approved policy, procedures, and systems for assigned functions to insure efficient and effective operation in compliance with program goals and objectives.

Analyzes computer systems and operations to insure accuracy and efficiency.

Reviews, analyzes, and produces information and special reports and studies as required by the Auditor.

Performs, produces, analyzes, or conducts any other items of County business as required for the proper and prudent fiscal management and accountability of Benton County.

Performs other related duties as assigned.


Minimum of an BA degree in accounting, business, public administration, or management; or any combination of education and experience which would provide the applicant with the desired skills, knowledge and ability required to perform the job.

Four (4) years’ experience as an accounting professional for a larger employer with a minimum of 150 employees with two (2) of these in a governmental organization; OR the equivalent combination of education and experience to perform the essential duties of the job.

Minimum of two (2) years supervisory experience required.

Two (2) years of auditing, including operational experience.

Valid Washington State Driver’s License.

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