Posting Date:  06/09/2020
Job Title:  Administrative Director
Salary:  $5246.00
Entity:  Whitman County
Closing Date:  Until Filled


Research, advise and facilitate the Board of County Commissioners’ (BOCC) oversight of the County budget and fiscal management. Coordinate with County leadership and staff to promote proper and timely selective fiscal reporting. Coordinate with County leadership and staff to develop and administer County fiscal policies and procedures, with emphasis on compliance with BARS and GAAP. Manage the County’s Asset tracking. Coordinate with the County’s risk carrier. Coordinate with County leadership and staff to research, procure, negotiate and administer grants and contracts. Act as Administrative Services’ public information officer. Supervise the Administrative Services support staff. This position reports to the Board of County Commissioners.

Under the direction of the Board of Commissioners and in coordination with County leadership and staff, oversee and manage county finances and operations with the goals of ensuring BARS, GAAP and SAO compliance and effective workflow. Provide internal auditing and monitoring of the County’s budget, appropriate finances and financial reporting. This position will coordinate with County leadership and staff to develop and implement a fiscally sound budget for the operation of county government and services and for maintaining budgetary control over expenditures. Research, develop, implement and oversee effective and compliant County fiscal policies and procedures with specific emphasis on sound fiscal management. Facilitate training of County leadership and staff for functional areas under the purview of this position. Develop and manage asset tracking for the County. Advise the BOCC on critical issues and future needs. In coordination with County leadership and staff, this position will research, procure, negotiate and administer grants and contracts.

Work of this class will involve considerable contact with County leadership and staff, special taxing districts, and other county, state and federal agencies. Work requires extensive use of personal computers, specifically MSOffice and County financial software. Work is normally performed in an office setting.

This position is non-represented.

Primary Duties

• Manage and coordinate the County’s budget process
• Monitor and review Departmental Budgets
• Prepare budgets for Administrative Services Department
• Compare all departments’ budgeted amounts to actuals on regular basis
• Verify revenue receipts, match budgeted amounts by departments on ongoing basis
• Report major areas of concern to the BOCC
• Monitor the 133 fund and move the money as needed to accommodate the budget amendments.
-Write policy/procedure for use of the 133 fund.
Financial Analysis
• Manage strategic financial initiatives approved by the BOCC
• Project future revenues and expenditures (two years out?)
• Work with departments regarding budget amendments prior to BOCC seeing amendment requests.
• Review proposals brought before the BOCC for financial impact
• Provide financial advice to BOCC when requested
• Assist the BOCC in Financial Policy development
– TRS provides policy development for such things as investments, debt management, receipting, banking
• Advise the BOCC on matters pertaining to internal controls
– Financial internal controls responsibility or Treasurer and Auditor Offices
– Countywide policy is responsibility of legislative authority
• Build appropriate Management Information Systems to assist the BOCC
Administration of CDBG Grants
• Prepare/compile annual CDBG-PS grant application for submission to Commerce
• Perform a year-end audit for grant program compliance
• Prepare reports to the State Department of Commerce as required
• Monitor requests for reimbursement from the Community Action Center
Administration of Criminal Justice Services Contracts
• Bill the appropriate cities covered under contract
• When necessary, negotiate new terms and conditions while working with affected departments.
• Work with County Departments to obtain needed information
Internal and External Communications
• Work with all departments to assure BOCC’s intent is properly communicated
• Provide outside reporters with clarification if necessary
• Serve as Coordinator for communications between departments, as requested (weekly check-in with each department or some type of schedule?)
Risk Management
• All that is entailed with risk management
– Insurance Coverage
– Incident tracking/evaluation
– Insurance billing/payment
– Self-insurance coordinator and manager
– Year End Reporting
• Responsible for all year-end financial reporting related to the BOCC and Administrative Services Department
Indirect Cost Allocation
• All that is entailed with developing and implementing a cost-sharing/indirect cost allocation plan for the county
– Development
– Execution
• Perform other duties as directed by the Commissioners.
Establish and maintain good working relationships with public officials, employees and the public. Work independently. Perform several tasks at once. Attention to detail and follow through. Organize and prioritize work. Follow stated oral and written directions. Maintain confidentiality. Excellent communication skills verbal, written, and listening


Graduation from a four year college or university with major course work in accounting, business administration or closely related field which includes major studies in accounting. Masters degree preferred.

Four years of professional accounting or auditing experience, with two years in public management, governmental budgeting and accounting using BARS and GAAP within an administrative or supervisory capacity;
Demonstrated combination of experience, education, or training that would provide the level of knowledge, skill or ability required.

• Considerable knowledge of accounting principles and practices and their application to fund “BARS” accounting operations.
• Considerable knowledge of GASB/GAAP requirements.
• Knowledge of automated accounting systems design and financial analysis.
• Knowledge of principles and practices of public administration.
• Knowledge of business management, internal control, auditing and cost accounting.
• Knowledge in the use of personal computers, spreadsheets, word processing, and graphics.
• Knowledge of grant writing.
• Knowledge in the creation, negotiation and administration of contracts.

• Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with county and departmental staff, special taxing districts, state and federal personnel, other appointed and elected officials in Whitman County, the press, and general public.
• Ability to develop and implement effective financial systems.
• Ability to supervise and train others.
• Ability to analyze complex financial and statistical data.
• Ability to prepare comprehensive financial statements as promulgated by GAAP, GAFR and BARS guidelines.
• Ability to prepare comprehensive grants.
• Ability to prepare contracts and solutions for administration, fiscal and special projects.

Contact Information

Please contact Whitman County Human Resources with questions at 509-397-6205
A Whitman County application is required to be considered. Applications and any additional material submitted can be emailed, faxed, delivered or mailed.
Whitman County Courthouse
400 N Main
Colfax, WA 99111
Fax: 509-397-6355 or


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