Posting Date:  08/01/2019
Job Title:  Chief Financial Officer
Salary:  200k
Entity:  Catholic Community Services of Western Washington
Closing Date:  9/1/19


The Chief Financial Officer position fills an essential role through directing financial
activities of Catholic Community Services and Catholic Housing Services of Western
Washington including: financial and business planning, accounting, revenue cycle,
financial systems and controls, compliance, financial analysis, budgeting, operational
effectiveness, strategic positioning, forecasting and reporting. Position provides
executive level oversight and direction in financial and business planning and
management and accounting operations.
This position works closely with the President of CCSWW and the Executive Vice
President/Chief of Operations on issues related to budgeting, compliance, insurance and
other issues which involve both operations and finance.
The CFO provides regular financial reports to the CCS/CHS Finance Committee, Boards of
Trustees, President and the CCS/CHS Directors’ Group. The CFO staffs the CCS and CHS
Audit Committees.
The CFO is the primary fiscal steward of the organization and provides leadership in
CCS/CHS for the prudent development and use of financial resources needed to live out
the mission of the organization.
The CCSWW CFO is an officer of the Catholic Charities Foundation.

Primary Duties

• Assures that appropriate and accurate financial analysis is completed on the monthly
financial reports prepared by the agencies/systems. The CFO works with the President,
Chief of Operations, Regional Finance Director, Director of Accounting Operations and
any Agency or System Director on specific financial issues which need addressing.
• Develops, maintains and supervises the forecasting of long-range financial position for
CCS/CHS including cash flow, revenues and expenditures. Evaluates financial
assumptions incorporated in the financial forecasts. Also critically evaluates the
financial forecast results for reasonableness and viability as a forecasting, predicting
and decision-making tool.
• Performs financial analysis of major decisions which may have a large or adverse
impact on the organization. Presents these to the President for consideration.
• Assures the development and implementation of sound budgeting policies and
procedures within CCS/CHS. Accomplishes this task by developing budget assumptions,
processes, guidelines and tools for CCS/CHS and training staff/managers in how to
effectively implement these policies. Develops CCSWW Corporate Office budget for
approval by the CCSWW Board of Trustees. In conjunction with the Chief of Operations,
recommends approval of CCS agency/system budgets to the President.
• Staffs the CCS/CHS Treasury whose members include the leaders of CCS/CHS
determined by the President. The purpose of the Treasury Group is to review all issues
which could have a major impact on the financial health/position of CCS/CHS including
managing cash, investments, working capital, lines of credit, collections,
disbursements, etc. Assesses the contingent liabilities/guarantees of specific projects to
the net assets of the organization.
• The CFO will convene the group, develop agenda and provide necessary materials for
the group to make a decision.
• Leads, manages and directs the accounting operations in CCS and CHS.
• Negotiates on behalf of CCS/CHS with all lenders for all asset acquisition financing,
construction/renovation financing, and operating lines of credit.
• Assures the establishment and implementation of sound financial and accounting
policies and procedures within CCS/CHS.
• Manages internal controls for the safeguarding of assets and the integrity of
management reporting.
• Oversees and coordinates the annual independent audit process of CCS/CHS and
related managed property audits and tax returns.


• Bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, or other relevant field.
• At least ten years of proven executive-level experience setting strategy for and
successfully leading an organization or corporate division of a mission-driven company
that is substantial in size and resources.
• Five (5) years of government or public accounting.
• Extensive experience with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP),
Government Accounting and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Super
• Outstanding written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
• Demonstrated cultural competence (awareness, attitude, knowledge, willingness, and
skills to work effectively with diverse employee and member population).
• Expert knowledge of principles and processes involved in business and organizational
planning, coordination, and execution.
• Exceptional judgment, analytical, decision-making, and financial management skills.
• Driven, fact-based, results-oriented, creative, and collaborative with a proven track
record for leading, aligning, and managing teams against high-performance objectives.
• Track record of coaching, mentoring, developing, and motivating peak performance
within a leadership team.
• Practicing Catholic
• Willingness to learn about and abide by Catholic Social Teaching, which is at the heart of
the missions of CCS and CHS.
Preferred Qualifications
• MBA or MPA strongly preferred.
• Experience with real estate transactions, partnership taxation, the Low Income Housing
Tax Credit Program (LIHTC), knowledge of HUD financing programs and with publicly
(government) financed capital projects.
• Experience working in the non-profit social service, housing and Medicaid health care

Contact Information

Brent Morton
Catholic Recruiter Associates
(914) 672-7547


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