Keys to a Successful Transplant into Local Government - Part 2

Date: 9/18/2019

Track: General
Moderator: Juanita Smart
Coordinator: Juanita Smart

Making career transitions in the finance field can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be a culture shock. Today more and more finance professionals are transitioning from the private sector to local government, or from a professional position to management. Local governments have many of the same financial requirements as businesses, but the political environment adds a layer of complexity that can feel uncomfortable and frustrating.  This two part session will offer participants some basic fundamentals about navigating and understanding local government (including a set of “keys” managers need to have in their pockets) coupled with interactive discussions on how politics influence finance, and how finance can be effectively used to guide informed and ethical policy making.  Whether you are new to local government or a career bureaucrat, these two sessions will offer practical and insightful techniques to more effectively manage a local government’s finances, while skillfully navigating the political side of government.


Jennifer Phillips
City Manager
City of Bothell


9-18-2019 Keys to a Successful Transplant Part 2