The WFOA Education Committee’s mission is to provide professional and relevant training to our membership. This committee is made up of elected officials and public employees who have the responsibility for or are employed in any aspect of governmental finance.  The Committee is also open to Affiliate Members.

Throughout the year, WFOA sponsors “Non-Conference Training” which may include educational meetings, seminars, and workshops and which are held throughout the State. The Education Committee has an active role in developing these Continuing Professional Education programs for WFOA members by providing guidance on topics for instruction, securing class instructors/presenters, as well as coordinating local classes in their geographic area.

In addition to the non-conference training, the Annual Conference, which is coordinated by the Education Committee, offers a plethora of learning opportunities which are enhanced by the ability to network with other professionals to exchange ideas and views.

The WFOA Education Committee’s many activities means there are always an opportunity to volunteer. A member can choose how much or how little they are able to serve. The committee meets ten times a year (7 via teleconferencing and 3 live meetings in various locations across the state).  Some committee members choose to help with coordination of training, some help with logistics, some help behind the scenes and others do a little of everything.  You can decide how much or little would work for you!

To begin your participation, please contact the Education Committee Chair by clicking HERE, fill in the form to the right, or stop by the Education Committee table at the Annual Conference to talk with active committee members.

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