In the last few years is has been increasingly noticeable that the market for governmental finance has been shrinking. As we all know, governmental finance is very diverse, stable, and also very rewarding. These are strong benefits which appear to be unknown or undervalued by the current and upcoming workforce. It is the desire of WFOA to encourage the path of governmental finance to college students by offering a scholarship and a paid internship to a select group of students each year.  For more information regarding the WFOA Internship Program, please contact Sandy Langdon at slangdon@marysvillewa.gov.

General Guidelines

WFOA will set aside $24,000 a year for four (4) scholarship/internships. Each successful applicant will be matched with a local entity for the internship of $5,000 and $1,000 to the successful applicant towards tuition.

Mission of the Scholarship/Internship Program

Mission of the Scholarship/Internship Program is to provide Washington public entities assistance in working towards sustainability in the governmental accounting workforce.


WFOA Intern Program Guidelines

WFOA Intern Application

WFOA Intern and Entity Agreement

WFOA Intern Donation Form