2023 Wellness Walk

Welcome to the 2023 Wellness Walk! 

The Wellness Walk starts on the first floor of the Spokane Convention Center at the west doors next to the ticket counters.



  • Exit the doors to the walkway between the Spokane Convention Center and the First Interstate Center
  • Turn right (North) toward the Spokane River and proceed toward the statue of the astronaut until you reach the Centennial Trail. The Centennial Trail runs directly beside the statue.
  • Turn left and follow the Centennial Trail past the First Interstate Center, winding down under the roadway overpass, walking along the river to the first point of interest, the Big Red Wagon.
  • Continue following the walkway, passing under the next roadway overpass, and up a slight rise until you reach your second point of interest, The Garbage Goat.
  • The walkway will then wind to the right around the Carousel building and then flow west, proceeding along Spokane Falls Blvd. You will pass the Rotary Fountain and the Numerica Skate Ribbon on the way to your next point of interest, The Joy of Running Together Sculpture.
  • Turn right (North) at Post Street and proceed around the Numerica Skate Ribbon.
  • Turn right (East) again at the first path. You will be walking under the Gondola Ride.
  • Follow the first left fork of the path, you will be proceeding north.
  • Stay on the path as it turns east and continue over the foot bridge across the Theme Stream and past the Providence Playscape. You will then find the fourth point of interest, The Sister City Connections Garden.
  • Once past the Connection Garden, you will reach the main thoroughfare through Riverfront Park. You will be able to see the Orange Bridge on your right and the Pavilion on your left. Turn left (north) and proceed past the Pavilion and on toward the Blue Bridge. Here you will find your next point of interest, the Riverfront Park Fundraising Charms.
  • Continue north across the Blue Bridge and the next bridge, which give you a wonderful view of both the upper and lower Spokane Falls.
  • Once across the bridges, turn right (East). As you follow the path that runs along the Spokane River you will pass the Ice Age Floods Playground on your left. This is your sixth point of interest.
  • Follow the paved path along the river toward the hotel towers. Walk under a roadway overpass and under a hotel overpass.
  • Immediately after walking under the hotel overpass, turn right (South) and cross the Lou Barbieri Bridge. 
  • After crossing the bridge, turn left to find your seventh point of interest, the Australian Sundial.
  • Return to the path and proceed up the right fork. 
  • At the next junction, stay left and proceed across Havermale Island toward the King Cole Bridge, a wooden foot bridge.
  • Cross the foot bridge and return to the Spokane Convention Center. Be sure to stop at your last point of interest on the north side of the Convention Center, the Big Blue Tarantula Bike Rack.
  • After visiting Bert, proceed to the right and walk around the building to arrive back at your starting point.


Points of Interest: 

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