Board of Directors


Dan Legard, Finance Director

City of Kennewick
Phone: (509) 585-4477
Term ends 2024

President Elect

Stacie Tellers, Local Government Support Manager

State Auditor’s Office
Phone: (564) 999-0922
Term ends 2025

Vice President

Sandi Roberts, CFO – District Secretary

Graham Fire & Rescue
Phone: (253) 533-8371
Term ends 2026


Mickie Cooper, Senior Accountant

Mukilteo Water and Wastewater District
Phone: (425) 355-3355
Term ends 2027


Beth Wright, Accounting Supervisor

City of Lake Forest Park
Phone: (206) 957-2817
Term ends 2028

Past President

Jack Broyles
Term ends 2023

2022 Conference Chair

Nicole Muegge, Investment & Banking Officer

Thurston County
Phone: (360) 786-5144
Term ends 2023

2023 Conference Chair

Michelle Murray, Accounting Director

City of Spokane
Phone: (509) 625-6320
Term ends 2024

2024 Conference Chair

Stefanie Truex, Finance Services

Yakima County
Phone: (509) 574-1504
Term ends 2025

Education Committee

Debbie Booher, Finance Director

City of Poulsbo
Phone: (360) 394-9720
Term ends 2024

Education Committee

Jerica Pascoe, Finance Director

City of Ellensburg
Phone: (509) 962-7205
Term ends 2025

Professional Development &
SustainabilityCommittee Chair

Camille Tabor, CPA,  CFO

Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue
Phone: (360) 282-3965
Term ends 2023

Professional Rules &
Operational Standards Chair

 Bret Brodersen, Finance Director

City of Centralia
Phone: (360) 623-8283
Term ends 2024

Member Communications &
Scholarship Chair

Debi Dahlstrom, Management Analyst

Pierce County
Term ends 2025

State Auditor

Kelly Collins, Director of Local Audit

State Auditor's Office
Phone: (360) 902-0091
Term ends N/A

State Treasurer Representative

 Staci Ashe, LGIP Administrator

Office of the State Treasurer
Phone: (360) 902-9017
Term ends N/A

MRSC Representative

Eric Lowell, Finance Consultant

Municipal Research & Services Center
Phone: (206) 625-0916 Ext. 105
Term ends N/A

Board Seeks Volunteers, Nominations for Honorary Membership

The WFOA Board has worked very hard to ensure we provide many opportunities for the membership to volunteer and grow within our association. Please consider serving as a volunteer on any of our committees. Active throughout the year, the committees are working to provide exceptional services to benefit all finance officers in the state of Washington. These services are key to the success of our members by providing the tools to be outstanding leaders in our profession. You can join a committee at any time! Please visit our committee page to learn more about the standing committees and their missions: Committee Information

Did you know that you can nominate yourself or someone else to serve on the Board of Directors of WFOA or to be an honorary member of the Association? To do so, you will need to submit information on their involvement, or yours, with the Association directly to the Past President for consideration.

Nominations Committee

Board Positions and Advisory Committees:

The Nominations Committee shall be composed of the president, past president, and president-elect and chaired by the past president. A vacancy on this committee shall be filled by the president with the Board of Directors being advised. The WFOA bylaws state the following nomination requirements for Board positions and honorary memberships:

1) Only active members in good standing are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.
2) Officers: Only a person who has previously served as an elected member of the Board of Directors of the Association shall be eligible to serve as an executive officer.

Nomination process
1) Annually, at least one newsletter shall include solicitation of the membership for suggested names to the Nominating Committee to fill open Board and advisory committee positions.
2) Board membership and advisory committee recommendations, whenever possible, should be representative of all geographical areas of the state, size of organization, and types of government entities.
3) The Nominations Committee shall present a written report of proposed officers and directors to the Board of Directors no later than the summer board meeting. The report shall be published in the newsletter prior to the annual meeting.
4) Other nominations for open Board positions may be made from the floor at the annual meeting, provided consent of the nominated member has been obtained.
5) Nominations to serve on the Board of Directors should primarily be based on prior service to the Washington Finance Officers Association.
6) Nominations to serve on advisory committees should primarily be based on anticipated commitment to continue a high level of service to the Association.

Honorary Memberships
1) Active members or affiliate members who have made an outstanding contribution to the Washington Finance Officers Association whose efforts deserve public recognition shall be eligible for honorary membership.
a. Nomination process: A request to grant honorary membership to such a person must be submitted in writing describing the reasons and presented to the Board of Directors for its consideration.
2) Retiring charter members and past presidents retiring from active employment in governmental service in the State of Washington may be awarded honorary membership.
3) Honorary membership shall be elected by the Board of Directors.

Please volunteer and get involved. You are the future of our association.  WFOA Position Application