Professional Rules & Operational Standards Comm.

The purpose of the Professional Rules and Operational Standards (PROS) Committee is to provide WFOA members with information regarding changes in governmental accounting and auditing standards as well as updates on significant legislation and rules from various regulatory agencies. Additionally, the committee provides information on the resources available for implementation of adopted accounting and report standards and encourages participation in state and federal regulatory and legislative processes.

Committee Members

Bret Brodersen (Committee Chair), Finance Director, City of Centralia
Candice Bock, Government Relations Director, Association of Washington Cities
Shannon Corin, Kitsap County
Olivia Crouch, Assistant Audit Manager, Office of the Washington State Auditor
Sheila Gail, AWC General Counsel, Association of Washington Cities
Catrina Galicz, Senior Management Analyst, Clark County
Jessica Griess, City of Algona
Leo Kim, Chief Finance Officer, Mason County Auditor’s Office
Eric Lowell, Finance Consultant, MRSC
Jill Scott, Skagit County

Get involved!

If you are interested in getting involved with the PROS Committee or if you have any related information to share please contact Bret Brodersen
This committee does not have regularly scheduled meetings. The committee teleconferences as needed to discuss legislative and professional standards updates.
The PROS Committee is a great way to keep up on rules and regulations as well as connect with others in your profession.